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The Mirage Way

A mirage, says Merriam-Webster, is “something illusory, without substance or reality.” It is through this, that Mirage can be seen as an example of life itself. How you see it may not be how it is. Reality and imagery are two different things. A mirage is something, yet nothing at all. People see life as something joyous. Others see it to be full of trouble. Others view life as a transition, while some feel it is an event. It must be clearly stated that life, like a mirage, is uncertain and mysterious. If you think of joy, remember there is sadness. There is a period of plenty and a period of scarcity. A time of merriment and a season of hopelessness. Nevertheless, our hopes and dreams in life depend on our attitude towards life and how prepared we are to face the other side.


Mirage was born in the summer of 2016. We strive to provide our customers with simple yet powerful products that have deep meanings and emotions behind them. Every product has symbolic ideologies woven into it. Like a mirage, things can appear as something, or nothing at all. You just have to see through the mirage.


- Ethan Baer, Founder